Buy a flight simulator

Buy a professional flight simulator

Equip yourself with the best airline, fighter, and helicopter flight simulators on the market. EASA FNPTII MCC certification available.

With its FNPT II MCC simulator (Flight & Navigational Procedure Trainer), AviaSim offers the perfect tool for simulator training.

The simulator faithfully reproduces the cockpit of a real aircraft and its flight characteristics and perfectly simulates the behavior of the aircraft and the FBW controls. The simulator has all the systems fully functional. Our simulators are extremely low cost and easy to use.

The advantages of an AviaSim flight simulator

Train, stimulate and fly with your students!

With the complete immersion that our simulators offer, fly like never before. You’ll feel like you’re in a real plane, not a simulator.
Improve your students’ communication skills, train them to take control of many critical situations: fire alarms, pressurization problems, hydraulic and electrical systems. Show your students that these are not situations that can only be found in books, and make them understand the concrete implications of each action.

Cockpit and flight control systems:

– Dual MCDU
– ECAM, Engine Display, PFD, ND, etc.
– FCU with dual EFIS
– Anti-reflection
– Mini stick, rudder and tiller with Fly by Wire control system
– TCAS radar
– Flaps and airbrakes
– Fwd and Aft Overhead panels
– Backlighting and mood lights
– Fully adjustable seats
– Rear instructor station

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